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Pen Needles

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The U.S. History of Novo Nordisk Insulin Devices

Novo Nordisk is responsible for developing innovative injection systems, primarily for diabetes care. Click the link below to see a full overview of the U.S. approval dates of Novo Nordisk devices and needles.

Novo Nordisk Needles Fact Sheet

Pen needles are an integral part of the diabetes treatment experience for patients who rely on injectable therapies. Nearly 30 years ago, Novo Nordisk launched the world’s first pen needle. Since then, we have strived to improve the injection experience for patients by developing progressively shorter and thinner needles. NovoFine® Plus, the company’s newest needle, is our shortest at 4 mm and features many improvements that are designed to make injections more comfortable. Learn more about the Novo Nordisk family of pen needles below.